Tour with Anne Akiko

アンとの7〜8年振りの再会。彼女は私がNZに居ることを知らず、かなりビックリしてくれて、なんだか嬉しかった。前回彼女に会ったのは日本フィルとの共演の時、カラヤン広場で一緒に食事🍽。当時、彼女はまだ独身で、でも今はもう二人の子供のママ‼️  彼女の素敵なご主人とお子さん達の話を伺えて、本当に幸せそうで、そんな彼女に会えて、とっても嬉しかった!  
そして何より、彼女のデルジェス "Vieuxtemps" の音の素晴らしいこと! かなり良い刺激になりました‼️
ありがとう、Anne chan!!

  • It's been 7-8 years since I saw Anne last time. She did not know that I was in NZ and was considerably surprised. We had meal 🍽 and chat at the time of costarring with Japan Phil together in Karajan open space last time. I was very happy to hear about a story of her wonderful husband and children‼️ She really looks happy and I am very happy to meet her afte all in those days!  
    And the sound of her Del Gesu "Vieuxtemps" being splendid above all! Considerably good stimulated ‼️ Thank you, Anne chan!!